We will be making a campaign video to find out how appearance affects a woman’s life within the age range 20-30, both socially and professionally. It will include a small discussion on topics such as:

Does appearance have an impact upon your time and money?
Is there a pressure to look a certain way at work?
Can appearance influence your standard of living and career prospects?

If this is something you may be interested in and an area you haven’t really thought about before, please email for further information.

Previous Events

What’s The Most Important Part Of You? Social Event For Women

We hosted a social event in support of our What’s The Most Important Part Of You? campaign to showcase the voices of women. We want to find out whether women think there is a link between how they look and what they achieve. Take a glimpse of the evening below and then why not head over to our discussion forum to share your view.

What’s The Most Important Part Of You? Discussion Event For Women

We hosted a small discussion event on the topic of our campaign. We asked the question: ‘Are women judged on their appearance over their achievement? Take a look at the highlights of the discussion and then why not join the conversation and share your view on our discussion forum.

Summer of tea, cake and conversation events. #Appearance 360

We want to hear the voices of women on how they experience appearance: is it a restricter, is it a joy, does it give rewards, is it a healer, is it a part of your identity, does it allow you to express your identity, does it give boundaries, does it make you feel accepted or playful….?
What we are asking is: what is your #Appearance360 – what is it made up of?

Join us and share what you think at one of our small conversation events (limited to six)

The first one- 1st June 2017 6-8pm in Nottingham City Centre. Email us for further details.