Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the focus on women’s issues, don’t men have issues too?

We do not for one moment think men do not have issues or that those issues are not important, because they absolutely are, and we would quite happily support campaigns that are geared towards issues that specifically support/ raise awareness for men and boys.  So we would like to make it clear from the start, this is not about women vs men, or men vs women, or isolating women from men or vice versa. This is simply about recognising that women and men sometimes experience the world in different ways and because of that the issues that may present may have different elements to them.  Therefore we don’t think a ‘one fit all’ approach will do any justice to really understanding the issues and also the feelings and experiences behind those issues. Thus this site is dedicated to exploring, debating and talking about the issues that women and girls may face today.

Why is the site geared towards women who are not ordinarily interested in women’s right?

We felt sometimes there are circumstances where issues are often made invisible or not talked about because of particular labels that are placed on them eg feminist, women activist etc and although such definitions are very welcoming for many people, it can also stop some people from talking about everyday things. Therefore we simply wanted to create a space, where the sole aim is to promote conversation, whatever it may be about and whatever shape or form it may take.

So who is this site aimed at?

This site has a campaign element, which will aim to start a conversation/ gather opinions on issues and experiences that women and girls may face today. It also has an interactive element, with a range of interactive features from the discussion boards to the dream lounge designed to promote conversation, debate and exploration about the lived experience of being a women and a girl and how this may feel or look like.

I am not a feminist and I’m not interested in becoming one, so why should I be interested?

One of the reasons we set up this site was because it was becoming increasingly apparent that in some situations labels were actually getting in the way of just being able to talk about everyday issues. We do not wish for this site to be defined by any particular label. Instead we would like to provide a space to simply promote conversation, and to let this space be shaped by the users who choose to be a part of it.

How do I use the site

The site is accessible to view without being registered. However to post/ use the interactive services, there is a registration requirement.

What will registration involve?

It is a simple process of providing your email address and creating a username and password.

What if I change details: how do I update my registration? 

Amendments to some of the registration details can be made at any time by simply clicking on your name.( You must be logged in) This will direct you to you profile.

What if I forget my password?

We will send you a link to the email address that you have registered with us, so that you can reset your password.

How do I use the interaction services?

Please go to the interactive pages and take a look at the introductory paragraphs.

Do I need to follow any rules of conduct whilst on the site?

Yes. We kindly request that you take a look at our House Rules, Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use.

Is the WDYTIA site moderated?

Yes. Please refer to our moderation/complaints policy

Does the site have a complaints policy?

Yes. Please refer to our moderation/complaints policy.

How will my data be protected?

Our site is SSL protected, which encrypts all data submitted to the site, to help safeguard against interception. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use for further information. Please be aware that once the data leaves our site, it is stored in a secure data warehouse protected and managed by a third party hosting company, who are responsible for the security of this data.

What if I want to report someone on the site?

If you are concerned/ affected by the behaviour of another user; we would ask you to let us know. There are two ways to do this.  If you are using the discussion board, there is a report button on each post, which will bring the post to our attention or alternatively email us. Please refer to our moderation/complaints policy for further information

What if I’m being bullied on site.

We don’t tolerate any form of bullying or harassment on the site, so we would take this very seriously. We would ask you to notify us by email, so that we could look into it further and take the relevant action with regards to our moderation policy. Please refer to our moderation/complaints policy

What is your policy on Trolls?

If a user is found to be trolling, they will be in breach of the house rules and therefore action will be taken in accordance to our moderation policy.  If you are concerned/ affected by a troll, please let us know, but we kindly ask you to not to ‘troll hunt’.

What if I want to become more involved?

That’s great! Please email us/take a look at our volunteering pages.

What if I have a question you haven’t answered?

Please email us and we’ll do our best to answer your enquiry.