This campaign is to try to discover if as women, we are valued and judged based on our appearance rather than our achievements, both by ourselves and other people. So our campaign poses the question: ‘What’s The Most Important Part Of You?’

Here are some facts from our small launch  survey:

67% When asked to describe the feeling towards their own bodies 67% of women said they thought regularly about parts they would like to change
70% of the women asked felt there was more pressure to take care of their appearance than there is on a man.
80% of the women who took part in our survey felt they had been judged by their appearance.
60% of women felt that the way they thought about their body had been influenced by images in magazines and the media that leaned towards a beauty ideal of ‘perfection’.


As a woman, is there more acceptance and acknowledgement if I am ‘attractive’?

As a woman, is it what I think and say or just the way that I look that is important?

As a woman, are you likely to be better off in work, money and life, if you look ‘good’?

As a woman, does another person’s view of you influence how you think about yourself?

As women, are we in ‘good looks auto pilot’ most of the time constantly worrying about if we look good enough rather giving our full attention to other things?

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*A cross section of 30 women took part in our survey.