‘Who Do You Think I Am?’ is a  web-based, non-profit, campaign organisation for women and girls. It specifically targets those women who are not ordinarily interested in women rights. It aims to start a conversation and provide a new platform, where the experiences and realities that women face today, can be explored in a fresh way. Primarily the focus is to encourage the subject to be more visible, open and accessible, and most importantly to start a conversation, in a user friendly and interactive way. The ultimate goal is to move towards attitude and social change for women and girls.

The website aims to be a contemporary place to ‘meet’ ‘talk’ ‘discuss’ and ‘inspire’.

Our Mission

We want to create a space where conversation and debate can really flourish. A place to exchange thoughts and ideas, and to explore the experiences of women and girls today, in any way that is chosen and lead by the individual. We want the dialogue of women and girls to determine whether they want change and if so for them to steer it.

Our Team

Who Do You Think I Am? is a non- profit organisation founded and run by Mandeep Johal, with support from the dedicated Who Do You Think I Am? Team.

PR Portrait Nottingham - Mandeep Johal - Photo by Ursula Kelly